Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sad again...

Last night we got terrible news from Peru. My brand new nephew was born with a serious condition. The little guy was not given much chance to live. Only a few hours the doctors said. He even got baptized right there at the hospital. People we talking of funeral arrangements.

But during the night the little guy put on a fight. Limbs started moving. Doctors are now about to perform surgery on this 1 day-old baby.

In the end it will be what God decides.

How sad though. Brings back memories of the two babies my wife and I had to say goodbye without a chance to hold them ever. At least this kid gave that satisfaction to his parents. And he is putting on a fight.

...And he is being given a chance...

...God bless him, his parents and the medical staff...

We pulling for you little guy!

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